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York guest house bought by first-time buyers | Item

Bloomsbury Guest House in York was bought by two professionals after financing was successfully secured by commercial finance broker Christie Finance.

The original buyers, Anthony Lewis and Jonathan Burgoyne, have now purchased the guesthouse, which had been owned by the previous owners since 2009. They have decided to sell the site in order to retire.

The property has eight rental rooms with private bathrooms, with 16 bed places. Retired salespeople shut down the business for 35% of the year and only accepted two-night stays.

Lewis and Burgoyne will now open the guesthouse 365 days a year and plan to add two more rooms under the new business name of The Bishop and The Bison Boutique Hotel.

The couple have several plans to improve the guesthouse, with a transformation of the residents’ lounge and owner’s accommodation into two additional bedrooms, as well as decorating and furnishing the existing bedrooms’ if necessary ‘.

The establishment will be closed for one month to allow for development work and overall improvements, and will open to commerce from November 1, 2020.

The new owners said: “Craig Dickson of Christie Finance has been a tremendous support throughout the process of buying our first business.

“Craig walked us through the data and information we needed to gather in order to have a complete business plan, then left to liaise with the banks and summarized the various financing offers we received. ”

They added, “The process was painless and efficient. I would recommend this service to anyone starting out with a new business and in need of an extra start.

Craig Dickson, Director of Christie Finance, said: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with my clients to secure the financing they need to realize their dream of owning a hotel in Yorkshire.

“They both have extensive experience in the business world, with impressive careers with well-known brands. Their commitment to the purchase is unquestionable as they leave the United States to fulfill their role as new owners. “

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