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yashika: Transgender Student Pu Will Stay at Faculty Guesthouse | Chandigarh News

Poviet Kaur
Chandigarh: On Monday, a protest took place outside the office of the Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University to delay the issuance of a permanent home to transgender student Yashika. The protesting students accused university authorities of discriminating against transgender students. They alleged that transgender students were not allowed to stay in hostels. They claimed that there had been cases of transgender students who dropped out of school midway due to continued humiliation. A committee has been formed on the matter.
In a statement on the matter, UP officials said: “As per the committee’s recommendation, a room in the faculty house near Working Women Hostel, Sector 14, Punjab University is allocated to Ashish Kumar alias Yashika with normal hostel fees as per university rules (university at this stage does not have separate transgender accommodation) until university receives letter/s directives of the ministry concerned or of the UGC.
Regarding this, Yashika said, “I am very satisfied with the decision of the authorities. I think this is the first step towards trans rights. This will improve the lives of transgender students who will be part of the university in the future.
Originally from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Yashika came to Punjab University for higher education and is doing a masters degree in human rights. Yashika said transgender people are not allocated hostels despite legal provisions and Supreme Court directives. The student was previously housed at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan but was expelled.