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Woman complains about sharing space in quarantine guesthouse


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A Vincentian who recently returned from vacation in the United States of America (United States) is asking medical authorities to review the operation of some of the registered COVID-19 quarantine facilities.

This after she said she was forced to share space at a guesthouse in East St George with a woman she did not know who was also in quarantine pending her PCR test results.

The woman said she booked the guesthouse to complete her 48-hour COVID-19 quarantine because she is fully vaccinated.
Her room was equipped with a shower, bathroom, bed, fridge and microwave and “everything was fine”.

However, when she got out of the shower, she noticed that the air conditioning unit was dripping liquid on her bed and she complained to the management who changed rooms and then told her that someone was one came to clean another room nearby.

“Be careful, as you enter the room, there is a door to enter and there is a room to your right and a room to your left.” I was staying in the room on the right and there was a bed, a bathroom, a toilet and I guess it’s the same on the left, ”she said.

However, the rooms have shared amenities, but the woman who asked to remain anonymous said she had not told and only found out when a woman she did not know arrived for take one of the other rooms.

She said she arrived at the facility on a Saturday and around 3 or 4 p.m. the next day she heard a knock on the door.
“… Like I said, there is a main entrance in these two rooms, so when I opened the door the operator told me that someone is going to meet me … and I was like “what do you mean? I didn’t make arrangements for that because if I had to share a space with someone, I think I would have preferred to know in advance ‘…”.

She noted that before moving to the second room, the manager told her that sometimes people shared rooms.

“So I was like ‘why would people share rooms now when there is COVID and you are trying to reduce the spread of COVID? And I said, ‘I can’t imagine anyone sharing a room’ and that’s the only time that was mentioned without knowing that I would be placed in this situation.

She believes that if management put her in this situation, it would have been a good time to ask her if sharing a room or amenities was something that was acceptable to her.
“And even then I made it clear to him that I wouldn’t want such an option and I hope I didn’t, so when I moved into the room it didn’t. noted.

“So when the lady came by I was quite astonished to ask ‘how come? “And ‘what’s going on? … I didn’t agree to share a space with anyone” and he said to me’ You don’t share the space ‘but we shared the kitchen … “

She said the manager put the other woman’s utensils in the woman’s room, but as soon as the manager left the woman came out to the balcony and was not wearing a mask.

“As far as I know if people need to be quarantined with someone… at least it should be someone you know… or family or a friend you’ve traveled with, so you wouldn’t mind obviously not, ”the angry woman said.

She said she made a few calls and was cleared to leave after her test results revealed she was negative for COVID-19, but was not respected by the director for s ‘be a complaint.

“When I was leaving he commented, ‘that’s why you shouldn’t bring some people to your house’. He didn’t even apologize for putting me in a situation like this and the fact that he thinks he did something like that and it’s just just makes me angry… he didn’t show any remorse, and he actually thinks he was right, ”she complained.

The woman said if she or the other guest tested positive for COVID-19, they could easily have passed it on due to the proximity of the facility.

She believes that equipment shared during these COVID-19 times can be extremely problematic and can help spread the virus.

Responding to the issue, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Simone Keizer-Beache told SEARCHLIGHT that according to the Tourism Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVGTA) and Ministry of Health rules that guide visitors approved transitional hotels, room sharing is not permitted.

“If you know the person, you can ask to share knowing that if either person is positive, the two must continue in quarantine and isolation separately,” the CMO said.


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