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Willowfield Guest House to cease operations in October

THE WILLOW Field Bed and Breakfast will close its doors for the last time after 70 years of activity.

The family-run Arnside B&B will close on October 31 and will be transformed into three new apartments.

Georgina and Peter Birch, owners for twelve years, will retire after the closure.

They plan to stay in the willow field and keep their property of the building.

The couple moved to the Sussex Lakes and have been longtime visitors to the Lake District.

Peter Birch said: “It is a time of mixed emotions. We certainly can’t wait to retire, but it’s sad that Willow Field is no longer a guesthouse.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a buyer for the business, so we decided it was best to call it a day.

“The past twelve years have been very enjoyable for us. Last year was understandably rather strange for us, but overall it was a very good experience.

“My wife and I decided to get out of the mad rush at the end of 2008 and come here to create a new way of life for ourselves.

“We will continue to live in Willow Field. The house will be redeveloped and transformed into three separate apartments. We will continue to own the building and live in one of them.

“We will always have the endless pleasures of the region, and especially the view. It is breathtaking.

“Many of our repeat customers have been sad to see us shut down, and one by one we have had the chance to say goodbye to them throughout the year.

“The current restrictions are certainly not helping, but we just want to wrap things up on our own timescale.

“It was definitely the right thing to do. When we started it was a gamble, but it paid off. Sometimes you have to take a chance, and if you don’t you will always wonder what if? This is how we ended up in 2008, so we said why not give it a try and if it doesn’t work we can go back and do something else.

“If we hadn’t done it, we would always have wondered if? We didn’t want to live wondering what could have been.

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