Well Life Announces Herbal Amenities Program for Hotels and Spas

Well Life partners with hotels, hostels, spas, AirBnBers and Vrbo-ers to offer guests plant-based scented products to enhance their in-room experience and convey their commitment to protecting the environment. environment. Well Life’s range of high-quality products, including soaps, mists, lotions and shower bombs, are 100% natural, GMO-free, phthalate-free and paraben-free.

With the growing interest in wellness and sustainable living, travelers are looking for eco-friendly products like the ones they use at home. There are 91,000 hotels and motels in the United States alone, contributing to the landfill of hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash each year. A partnership with Well Life can help reduce waste by tailoring the program to a property’s recycling capabilities. Additionally, herbal products remove chemicals that flow down the drain and end up in groundwater.

Well Life offers a full line of sustainable plant-based products, as well as a bespoke program for properties looking for a distinct scent to define their brand. Custom blended products can include amenities for small customers or large products for hotel boutiques and spas.

“With the hospitality and spa industries just coming back from the setbacks of Covid, now is the time for them to consider what they can do to positively impact the future,” said Barbara Jude Frerichs, Founder and CEO of Relief Brands, LLC. ., parent company of the Well Life brand. “A simple change, like offering our sustainable products to their customers, can impact the planet and, at the same time, make the customer’s stay more memorable.”