(Video) YouTuber AmoGood reviews some of the worst budget hotels in Rawang

When booking hotels, one of the first things everyone looks at are the ratings. After all, ratings and reviews are usually a good indicator of what to expect from the place. However, Taiwanese YouTuber Zhong Wei-Ding (仲惟鼎) decided to do the opposite for once. He visited poorly rated hotels to see what they looked like!

The YouTuber, better known as AmoGood (谷阿莫), recently came to Malaysia to check out some hotels. Wei-Ding deliberately chose hotels in Rawang with low ratings because he wanted to know the reason for the ratings. Well, after several hectic stays, he came to the conclusion that they deserved it!

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There is no doubt that the team was ready for any eventuality. From the start, they had already booked rooms in four different cheap hotels, all located in Rawang. The group had identified the four hotels because they all had low Google ratings.

Their first hotel was supposed to be a “new” hotel with an online rating of 2.9. Wei-Ding and his team had already booked a room through their reservation system. However, upon arrival they discovered that the hotel had supposedly terminated their services with the system. The receptionist also informed them that the rooms were full, but they could get a room already booked by paying an extra RM20. In total they ended up paying RM180 for the room.

Wei-Ding pointed out that the room had not been cleaned well, with tissues and cigarettes left in odd places, such as drawers. Also, the place was smelly and dusty. When they checked the air quality index in the room, they were surprised to find it was “unhealthy” according to their PM2.5. Needless to say, the group was quick to leave after rating the place a 0.25.

Source: YouTube/谷阿莫Life

The other two hotels were also a bust. The group had, as before, reserved and paid for its rooms with a booking site. Unfortunately, upon arriving at their second hotel, they were stunned to find there was no sign of it. Wei-Ding pointed out that they were definitely in the right place, as he was referring to old photos of the hotel. But, since it was no longer there, they assumed it had simply closed.

Their third hotel was even stranger. It turned out that he didn’t exist. The hotel, called “RS Hotel” by the team, apparently shared an address with a pre-existing hotel. However, the hotel itself could not be found. Wei-Ding then ironically advised people to check if hotels actually existed before booking rooms.


Source: YouTube/谷阿莫Life
Source: YouTube/谷阿莫Life

Wei-Ding’s team finally managed to settle into their fourth hotel. They got a double room worth RM124 which was supposedly reasonable. However, half of the team were unhappy with the room, saying there was a problem with the air conditioner. On the other hand, Wei-Ding was quite happy with his room!

They found the place quite comfortable with a moderate temperature. However, Wei-Ding pointed out that the room had not been properly cleaned. He found hairs on the bed, stains on the chairs and water still in the kettle. Also the room did not provide toilet paper, hair dryer and the key card expired before check out time.

The team eventually agreed to give the place a score of 2.04. Wei-Ding added that he would have scored higher if the air conditioner in the other room had been running. He also shared his general bafflement at the constant communication issues between booking sites and hotels.

Source: YouTube/谷阿莫Life

Rawang State Representative Chua Wei Kiat has since said he will look into the hygiene issues at the hotel, as the YouTuber mentioned. As he pointed out, regardless of hotel ratings, their hygiene should always be maintained. Chua also urged booking sites to be more aware of the hotels they feature on their sites to prevent more customers from being cheated.

Well, Wei-Ding’s team certainly carried out an interesting experiment. If nothing else, people will now be a little more prepared and cautious when it comes to booking cheap hotels and motels! Watch the full video here:

Sources: Youtube, Chinese press

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