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Veterans Guest House: be our guest

Sylvia DuBeau

To my fellow veterans and their families:

At Veterans Guest House, we have one goal: to help you access the healthcare you need. Our organization began almost 30 years ago when it was discovered that veterans and their families were sleeping in their cars. They couldn’t afford motel prices when they came to Reno for medical appointments. Although a lot has improved since then, we still have a long way to go.

Nights. Meal. Transportation. Help with basic needs. Short-term assisted care and respite. These are just a few of the ways we help. As motel prices are expected to rise 13% in 2023 and inflation continues to creep in, we know more veterans and families could benefit from using us as a resource.

Were free. We are safe. We are flexible. And we are here for you, always.

Our facility is conveniently located in the heart of Reno with close access to medical offices, hospitals and dental clinics. The Veterans Guest House features comfortable beds, an inviting courtyard, laundry facilities, cable TV, snacks, toiletries, and other comforts of home. A free continental breakfast and dinner parties are also available. We have what you need.

The community built this beautiful place especially for veterans and their families. It would be a waste to let it sit empty. I invite you to come and stay, whether you need accommodation for a day or several weeks; whether the veteran or a family member is seeking treatment; or if it is routine or emergency care. We look forward to welcoming veterans, their family members, and even their vaccinated pets to stay with us.

Veterans Guest House was born out of the belief that the sacrifice of our veterans and their family members should never be forgotten. We accept no government funding, which means that our services are available to you regardless of the length of your stay, the nature of your leave or the provider you wish to consult.

If you are coming to Reno for medical reasons, we have a special place for you.

Come be our guest.

To arrange a tour or make reservations, call 775-324-6958 or visit
Sylvia DuBeau is the General Manager of Veterans Guest House and a Navy veteran.