Two Perry motels to become a new apartment complex

PERRY, GA – Two Perry Motels will be combined and converted into a new apartment complex – FairBridge Inn Express and Derby Inn will be connected and transformed into a total of 120 apartment units. Mayor Randall Walker and city council have approved the $ 9 million project to address the city’s housing shortage.

As Perry continues to grow, people say there is a need for more housing. Tina Inman moved to Perry in March 2020 – she says she searched for months but couldn’t find an apartment.

“We wanted to start in an apartment until we decided to buy a house, but there were hardly any in the area. It looked like it was just full of houses, ”said Inman.

Perry’s economic development administrator Ashley Hardin agrees there is a shortage and says this project can help.

“The developers who have a contract on this property did a housing study and it showed that there was 0% vacancy for one-bedroom apartments,” Hardin said.

The site is located at 200 Valley Drive, the former Green Derby Restaurant & Bar. It will become 80 one-bedroom apartments and 40 studios.

“See private investment and someone who wants to invest $ 9 million to spruce up this place and make it a resort style apartment complex that provides housing for our workforce and the people who want to live in Perry, ”Hardin said.

She says the location is ideal.

“Within 3 miles of this site. Off I-75 and Sam Nunn, we have almost 9,000 workers in the retail and hospitality industry, ”Hardin said.

Inman looks forward to further growth from Perry. She says it can benefit people who aren’t ready to buy a home.

“We also want these people in the city. We want to welcome everyone into our community, and I love Perry, I think he’s a wonderful place to live. I think this apartment complex will give people more options, ”said Inman.

The developer is a Louisiana company – Servio Capital LLC. They say the site will have a laundry room, storage room and living room. In addition, they guard the pool. So far, they don’t say how much the rent will be. They plan to close the building next month.

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