Traveling to Armenia? Consider These Awesome Backpacker Hostels

From the oldest inn in the country to the award-winning one, hiking through Armenia just got a whole lot more exciting (and affordable).

Welcome to Armenia! добро пожаловать в армению! ! Armenia is a small, beautiful and welcoming former post-Soviet country in the Caucasus region neighboring Georgia (the country), Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran. It’s an ideal destination for backpackers looking for a road less traveled and there’s plenty to see and explore in this stunning alpine country.

Many backpackers and other travelers fall in love with this charming country and its many impressive monasteries perched in the most impossible places. Armenian cuisine alone is enough to make the country worth visiting.

What to expect while hiking in Armenia

Armenia traces its origins to ancient states and kingdoms that have existed for thousands of years. The first Armenian state of Urartu was established in 860 BC, and the Kingdom of Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official religion (officially in 301 AD). The modern state of Armenia became independent with the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

  • Religion: Armenia is predominantly Orthodox and was the first to convert to Christianity
  • Yerevan: Capital and largest city
  • Visa: Not required for western countries
  • An ancient country: Counting precursor states, Armenia is older than Rome

Today, Armenia is an ancient land with many ancient sites (including ancient Roman sites) and delicious cuisine.

Armenia has several great (and some not so good) hostels. Here are some of the best – these hostels can be so much more than just accommodation. They can help you plan your trip and give you any advice you might need.

  • Alphabet: Armenia has its own unique alphabet – “Welcome to Armenia” goes like բարի գալուստ Հայաստան!

Some of Armenia’s (and neighboring Georgia’s) main attractions are their ancient and beautiful monasteries. Some of the ones that should not be missed are:

  • Tatev Monastery: A 9th-century monastery set in stunning surroundings
  • Khor Virab Monastery: Also a pilgrimage site with stunning views of Mount Ararat – where Noah’s Ark is believed to rest
  • Sevanavank Monastery: A magnificent monastery overlooking the massif of Lake Sevan

The best time to come is summer, but other seasons also have their own charm.

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Kantar Youth Hostel

Kantar Hostel is one of the oldest hostels in Yerevan and enjoys a prime location. It is a stone’s throw from Place de la République, the heart of the city. It is only a few steps from the Parliament of Armenia and the National Museum.

  • Older : Kantar Hostel is one of the first hostels to open in Yerevan

Kantar caters to a full range of backpackers as well as normal holidaymakers who are not backpacking. Kantar Hostel is a hybrid hostel having a hotel section and a hostel section. Travelers looking for private accommodation can enjoy the best of both worlds: the ambiance of a hostel and the privacy and comfort of a hotel.

Dorms are available with the option of a 4-bed dorm or an 8-bed dorm (with balconies).

  • Hybrid: It’s a hybrid hostel and hotel
  • Dormitory 4 beds: $17.00 – Low season; $19.00 – High season
  • 8 bed dormitory: From $15.00 – Low season; $17.00 – High season
  • Bunk beds: Equipped with power sockets and a reading lamp

The hostel is clean and modern and offers great free breakfasts – a quality of breakfast virtually unheard of for hostels. Tea and coffee are available 24/7. The kitchen is open to all travelers wishing to prepare their own meals.

  • Included: Breakfast, Free towels, Lockers, Linen, WiFi
  • Breakfast: Free breakfasts are outstanding by hostel standards
  • To verify: 12:00 p.m. (A generous departure from the lake)

Kantar received the HOSCAR award from Hostelworld in 2017 and 2018 and was named the best hostel in the country. They also enjoy an exceptional rating of 9.5 on

  • Awards: Kantar has won awards from Hostelworld and

The Kantar has a 24-hour front desk and staff fluent in English. They can organize any excursion or private tour anywhere in Armenia.

Plus, they have a common area that doubles as a work area – with computers to use. If one travels and works, one can do all the work comfortably on the bench seat or the comfortable beanbags.

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Sent from the inn

Hostel Envoy is more of a typical hostel. It also has a great location and is a bit cheaper. You get what you pay for and the breakfast is not of the same standard and is available for a 1 hour window in the morning instead of a 3.5 hour window.

  • Dormitory 4 beds: $10.00 – Low season
  • 8 bed dormitory: From $11.00 – Low Season
  • Breakfast: Free (of more typical hostel standard)

Hostel Envoy can also organize tours, excursions and provide a full range of ideas on what to see and explore in Armenia. The staff are also very friendly and accommodating and can arrange airport pickup etc.

  • To verify: 11:00
  • Location: great place

The common area of ​​Hostel Envoy is on the ground floor of a basement where they have a large TV for the enjoyment of their guests.

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