Topeka hotels set revenue record for July

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Topeka hotels had an exceptional performance in July.

Visit Topeka officials said local motels “showed the highest performance” for that month since records were kept from 2003.

According to the 2021 Smith Travel Research report, considered the industry’s leading metric, Topeka’s hotel revenues in July 2021 were the highest for that month to date, at $ 4.93 million.

Visit Topeka officials said it was also the highest revenue recorded in Topeka’s hospitality industry for 2021.

It was over $ 1.6 million from the same month a year ago, when July 2020 revenue was $ 3.31 million.

The July 2019 total was $ 4.15 million.

Visit Topeka officials said the July 2021 figures are the second-highest monthly revenue rate on record, ranking only behind the June 2019 total of $ 5.22 million.

Sean Dixon, Chairman of Visit Topeka, said the July 2021 total was “incredibly encouraging news” and testified that Topeka “is seeing more hotels, attractions and events than ever before”.

Dixon noted that more recent events, such as Topeka Music Week and Country Stampede, “serve as a catalyst to bring more people to Topeka, giving them the opportunity to fall in love with our community.”

Brent Boles, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Visit Topeka and Partner of Schendel Lawn and Landscape, said the city’s tourism scene “continues to thrive thanks in part to its exceptional attractions and events, as well as its great industry. hotelier.

“As more and more iconic events, like the Country Stampede, take root in Topeka, we will see a greater economic impact for our hotels, attractions and restaurants. “

Kurt Young, Executive Director of the Topeka Lodging Association. said the July numbers “are an exciting validation of our resilience as a destination and a real testament to the momentum we currently have in our community.

“Amid setbacks and challenges, Topeka hotels have continued to provide excellent support and service to their guests. “

Visit Topeka is the capital’s visitors’ office. Its mission is to increase the economic impact of tourism on Topeka through destination development and brand management.

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