The village of Sawjrah in Oman… Historic hotels at the heart of heritage

Between the waterfalls of Al Jabal Al Akhdar and its natural and vibrant slopes, rests an Omani village named “Sawjrah” over 450 years old.

The name of the village was inspired by a type of perennial trees known for their lush shade and long green leaves that grow in valleys, streams and springs. These trees were abundant in the area in the past, however, they became extinct more than 80 years ago due to heavy rains, but the name of the village remained “Sawjrah”.

The Al-Shariqi family has lived in the village for 400 years. Historic homes have been renovated and transformed into motels that welcome visitors and vacationers, providing them with a unique experience that takes them back hundreds of years.

The motels are inside the slopes of the mountain and feature wooden windows of trees, with dim lighting and hallways full of anecdotes.

“The idea of ​​opening historic motels and renovating them instead of creating new ones was to preserve old homes and offer visitors the opportunity to experience the past in rooms built hundreds of years ago. Our goal is to be the first to offer a historical experience in the heart of Al Jabal Al Akhdar,” Mohammed al-Shariqi of Sawjrah told Asharq Al-Awsat.

Although the road to the village is rough, al-Shariqi said “participation has been good since the start of the project, which started with two rooms. The culture of historical experiences and adventures is at its peak in Oman, and our city has become a destination for local and foreign tourists.

While Sawjrah has become a hub for historic motels, locals never think of leaving it.

Residents told Asharq Al-Awsat that all essential services are available in their city, including education.

“The people of Sawjrah have always been eager for education since its emergence in Oman in the 1970s. They studied at the Sultan Qaboos School built for the people of Jabal Al Akhdar. The road to school was so rough and dangerous that a helicopter was used to transport the students. The helicopter landed at a helipad, which is still used to train the Omani Air Force,” al-Shariqi explained.

Al Jabal Al Akhdar is a global tourist destination in Oman. It includes historical places for entertainment and tourism and offers its visitors many experiences such as relaxation, meditation, climbing and camping. The region welcomes many visitors who come every year to enjoy its temperate climate.