The best hostels in Italy that work perfectly on a budget (and have great amenities)

Italy is home to some of the best travel destinations in the world. This high profile of Italy is well deserved given the country’s rich history, mouthwatering delicacies and exciting events. This high status can unfortunately scare some travelers who think they need a solid budget to visit the European country and get the most out of it.

One of the main concerns of travelers is where to stay and where to stay. It doesn’t have to be such a hard thought and if it already is, prepare to be relieved by these top hotels that work perfectly on a budget while offering great amenities.

ten New Generation Hostel Rome Center, Rome, Italy

In the heart of the ancient city of Rome lies this budget hostel where the staff offer warm smiles and excellent service. It has luxurious amenities that include – TV lounge, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned bedrooms, refrigerators, private bathrooms and showers.

800 meters from this modern hostel is Termini Station where visitors can reach several historic places in Rome.

  • Prices for reservations at New Generation Hostel Rome Center start from $ 32.47

9 Hostel Sardinia, Cagliari, Italy

This newly built hostel with its fun atmosphere is located in Quartu Sant’Elena, Cagliari. Visitors to this hostel will be mesmerized by the captivating Poetto Beach, located just 6 km away. Hostel Sardinia offers free Wi-Fi and tea / coffee making facilities in all rooms to make you feel right at home.

Other facilities that visitors will enjoy here include; a lounge, a bar and a garden. Good service, friendly staff and a pet allowance are other great perks of Hostel Sardinia. The Sardinia hostel is also very close to restaurants, cafes and shops where visitors can easily satisfy their craving for Italian dishes.

  • Reservations for the Sardinia Hostel start from $ 33.82

8 Mio Hostel, Milan, Italy

Close to this young hostel with a warm atmosphere is the Milan Metro which offers public transport to interesting places around the city in northern Italy. It has a modern look, restaurants with great Italian food, electricity all day, a bar, great breakfast and beautiful garden flowers. Just 6 km from Mio Hostel is the famous Milan Cathedral which was built from 1386 to 1965 and is now considered to be the most popular tourist destination in Milan.

Other interesting amenities that visitors will enjoy at Mio Hostel include free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms and free parking.

  • All of that luxury, which also includes plenty of tea / coffee and super comfy beds, comes with a starting price of $ 38.

7 Hostel Los Mochileros, Naples, Italy

An Ariel view of part of Naples


Just 3 km from Los Mochileros Hostel is the National Archaeological Museum of Naples which is richly endowed with historical Greek and Roman materials. As well as being close to a national museum, Los Mochileros hostel is also conveniently located 1 km from Naples International Airport.

The bar is mostly filled with hot youngsters and the activities available include – table tennis, karaoke, and TV entertainment. Guests will benefit from a laundry service, free parking, free Wi-Fi, a bar and a lovely garden.

  • Starting at $ 22.76, this budget hostel that also has a barbecue area is certainly a great place to stay and make the most of an adventure in Naples, Italy.

6 Anda Venice Hostel, Italy

All travelers, including pets, are welcome at this spacious hostel in Mestre, Venice. Transport is easily accessible as a train station is right in front of the hostel. Anda Venice is a place that is home to all kinds of diverse travelers who are served by friendly, smart and charming staff. The rooms are also fully equipped with comfortable beds, air conditioning and a bathroom with hairdryer and mirror.

In the middle of the hostel is a large room where you can have fun and dance in the Italian style. Its garden bar is spacious and surrounded by natural elements, making it a more desirable place to relax.

  • With its free Wi-Fi, large kitchens, and bathrooms, travelers will certainly get great value starting at $ 35.59.

5 Plus Florence Hostel, Florence, Italy

Enjoy a healthy stay at Plus Hostels, Florence with a fully equipped fitness area, private bathroom, sauna and medium-sized kitchens. Guests also benefit from free parking, breakfast, laundry facilities and table tennis. Visitors who access the roof will enjoy a beautiful view of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

The incessant waterfall provides a feeling of calm ideal for nature lovers. For transport, Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station is just 0.9 km from Plus Florence Hostels. Enjoy a pleasant rest in the spacious bedrooms furnished with soft and comfortable mattresses and air conditioners.

  • Reservation prices start at $ 36.39 for this hostel which offers free Wi-Fi and even looks like a hotel.

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4 Agora Hostel, Pompeii, Italy

Located in the center of Pompeii city, this hostel has a vibrant atmosphere and lots of interesting conversations. Agora Hostel is perfect for tourists, travelers and archaeologists who want to take a peek at the ruins of the historic city of Pompeii. An interesting thing about Agora Hostel is that it is run by a couple who know so much about archeology. With this, customers are sure to have good historical conversations even with the staff there.

Guests are also sure to enjoy free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and spacious rooms that are always tidy.

  • The Agora Inn starts at a reservation price of $ 39.13 and also offers other amenities such as showers, private bathrooms, and air conditioners.

3 The Yard Hostel, Catania, Italy

The Yard Hostel, Catania is located in the province of Catania, Sicily. Around the hostel are rich cultural and historical sites, including Piazza Duomo in Catania, Giardino Bellini and the Amphitheater of Catania, among others. The hostel is just 2 km from Catania Central Station and 5 km from Catania Fontanarossa Airport.

  • Visitors enjoy large and comfortable beds, hearty breakfasts, a shared kitchen, bathroom and shower at a starting price of $ 43.66.

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2 Santa Monaca Hostel, Florence, Italy

Due to its location in the heart of Florence, this hostel makes it easier for visitors to discover the interesting destinations of Florence. The Santa Monaca hostel is considered one of the oldest hostels in Florence, in business for over 40 years.

Visitors to this inn will enjoy – air conditioning, free Wi-Fi / Internet and a generous outdoor terrace. The Santa Monaca Hostel also has a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, towels and city maps are offered free of charge.

  • Visitors will only pay a starting price of $ 13.55 for their stay at this inn.

1 Generator Rome, Italy

The comfortable beds and well-maintained rooms provide an excellent welcome for visitors to visit Italy. Generator Rome was built in the 19th century and gives a good view of the historic architecture of the ancient Romans. Generator Rome offers a wide variety of amenities, including urban-style restaurants, laundry facilities, lively chill-out areas, free Wi-Fi, and a cafe to chill out.

Do you have luggage? No problem. Generator Rome offers secure luggage storage to help travelers keep their backpacks intact and enjoy their stay at the hostel.

  • Prices for reservations start from $ 71.

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