The 10 Best Catskill Hotels (And 3 Bonus Motels)

Located about 2-3 hours north of New York, nestled west of the Hudson River and east of the PA/NY state line, the Catskill Mountains have long been a “north of state” for the tri-state area. This is where the Field Mag team prefers to escape, along with countless others from our respective boroughs.

Apart from the rich range of outdoor activities the region offers, such as skiing, hiking, biking, boating, etc., the region is home to countless well-designed hotels and motels reflecting the taste of its New York visitors (particularly those of design-obsessed Brooklyn), each with their own I do not know what. Take for example, the popular Urban Cowboy Lodge, a 28-room hotel with upscale American decor, or the barebones Roscoe Motel, a perfectly lo-fi fly-fishing hideaway with a loyal clientele. And while the area offers cabin rentals of the same caliber and variety of styles, sometimes you can’t beat room service and a Jacuzzi.

Beyond the mountains, charming western Catskills towns like Woodstock, New Paltz, Tannersville, and Phenicia are popular hotspots. On the eastern flank, the areas around Lumberland, Narrowsburg, Callicoon, and Livingston Manor are hotbeds of cabin art, food, and culture. Each community scattered across the hills features its fair share of pretty main streets, live music and cozy cafes, all against the backdrop of the Catskill Mountains – the perfect places to unwind after a long day of exploring outdoors. ‘outside.

The following collection of mountainside lodges and boutique hotels (plus three bonus motels) offer a range of stay styles in an area as diverse and unique as each property. Many have their own restaurants and taverns, as well as the thoughtful design characteristic of the region. Spread across the Catskills, each option is an awesome base camp to explore or a relaxing destination in itself.

10 Best Hotels and Lodges in the Catskills Area (Plus 3 Great Motels)