Surat police ban loitering in front of educational institutions and women’s shelters | Surah News

SURAT: On Wednesday, in an effort to curb the increase in crimes against women in the city, the city’s police commissioner issued two relevant notices with immediate effect.
However, the knee-jerk action of the city police may have more to do with the brutal murder of 21-year-old student Grishma Vekariya, who had also been continuously stalked by murder defendant Fenil Goyani even on the day of the incident. According to sources, the order may also have been an offshoot of recent protests by political parties and the public demanding the ousting of the state interior minister for the deteriorating law and order situation in the city. .
Regardless, the police claimed that bearing in mind several similar complaints of harassment by other young women in the city, they finally decided to take precautionary measures to curb the increase in cases of crimes centered on women, in particular the eve teasing in Diamond City.
The first notice prohibits men from standing or sitting within 50 meters of educational establishments and girls’ hostels without any valid reason.
The other notification orders to equip cafes with appropriate CCTV cameras.
“Any society seems affable when all groups in society can live in peace and without fear, it is more important that women and underage girls can leave home without any fear. Few anti-social elements harass women while they attend school/university or their workplaces, in some cases assault or rape has also occurred,” the notification reads.
He further stated that “to put an end to such incidents and increase the safety of women, from February 17 to April 17, men are prohibited from standing or sitting without good reason within 50 meters of any school/university/coaching institute and hostels for women that falls under the jurisdiction of Surat City Commissioner of Police.”
The other notification, which is also valid for the same period, strictly prohibits the installation of couple boxes in cafes, hotels, cafes and restaurants with the aim of stopping illegal activities and offenses such as rape and blackmail. . Owners must provide conspicuous seating and install mandatory CCTV cameras in stores.