Students demonstrate in Visva-Bharati to demand the reopening of hostels

Visva-Bharati students, protesting for the reopening of hostels, clashed with university security personnel on Wednesday when they attempted to enter the central office by scaling a perimeter wall. Students have been agitating for a week now, demanding hostels reopen, but the vice-chancellor is unresponsive, SFI chief Somnath Sow said.

“We have urged the Vice Chancellor to speak to us, but he is not responding. Many students who are not local are struggling to fund their hotel accommodations as offline classes have resumed,” Sow said.

As the university’s security personnel did not allow the students to enter the central office, some of them tried to climb the perimeter wall, he said.

“Many of us were roughed up by security personnel which led to a fight. We were heckled by security guards for raising a fair demand,” he added.

Students will continue to protest until the university reopens hostels, which have been closed since the start of the pandemic, he said.

The agitated students created a disturbance and attacked security personnel doing their jobs because people in groups are not allowed to enter the central office, a university spokesperson said.

No decision has been made on the reopening of hostels, he said.

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