Students at Nasarawa University urge the government. build more hostels, denounce the high cost of accommodation – SoundiataPost

Some students at Nasarawa State University, Keffi, have appealed to the state government to build more hostels on the institution’s campus to alleviate their housing problems.

The students made the appeal in an interview with the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) in Keffi on Friday.

They said providing more hostels at the university would reduce the hardships they face due to the high cost of accommodation facilities largely owned by people outside of campus.

They also complained that the situation was having a negative impact on their education.

One of them, Mr. Solomon Audu, a 300 level student at the university, said: “The cost of the bed space in the school is 10,000 N plus the maintenance costs of the school. 3000 N; but our problem is not even the cost of hotels in the school but insufficient space for beds in the hostels of the school.

This is why many students rented accommodation outside the school. For example, a self-catering apartment that I rented outside the school costs 120,000 N, which is too high, but I have no choice because there are no inadequate bed places. in student hotels on campus.

”There are also independent apartments rented between 150,000 and 200,000 N, depending on the facilities available.

“So if the state government builds more stoves in the school, it will reduce our difficulties, improve our standard of living and our level of education,” Audu said.

Miss Hauwa Sani, a 200-level student at the institution, also urged the government to build more hostels given their importance to the education of students.

“To be fair, the cost of renting accommodation outside of school varies, we have that of N50,000, N80,000, N100,000, N150,000 and even N200,000, depending on their locations and available facilities.

“So, I want to appeal to the state government to build more hostels on our campus to accommodate more students in order to change their lives in a positive way,” Sani said.

Likewise, Ibrahim Ahmed, another student at the school, called on the government to build more fireplaces in the school to alleviate their suffering.

“In Keffi, the cost of accommodation is high depending on where you want to stay as it varies between 50,000 and 250,000 naira,” Ahmed said.

Two other students, Miss Veronica Joseph and Habiba Audu, who are staying in the university hostel, said a bed costs N13,000, including maintenance costs.

They also urged the state government to build more hostels in the school to accommodate more students.

The university’s public relations manager, Mr. Abraham Ekpo, said the institution will continue to prioritize the well-being of students by creating an environment conducive to learning.


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