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St Hilary Guest House in Llandudno stars in Channel 4’s Four in a Bed

A HOTEL in Llandudno is highlighted during a popular game show.

Tricia Watson and her daughter Jess welcome their rivals to St Hilary Guest House in Channel 4’s Four in a Bed this week. Filming took place in June 2019.

As part of the program, which takes place every evening at 5 p.m., four B&B owners assess each other and decide which of them offers the best value on the weekend.

Tricia and Jess welcome guests at the start of the week. The episodes see them facing off against The Falcon Retreat in Godreaman; The Crown Inn in Grewelthorpe and In the Stix Glamping in Greetham, Rutland.

Speaking to Pioneer on how they got involved, Tricia said, “The studio emailed the owners of the B&B to ask if they would like to participate. David Adderson, my partner and co-owner of the B&B, did not want to do so. , so my daughter agreed to come with me instead, she helps me.

“We are fans of the series.

The facade of the St Hilary guest house

“We enjoyed being a part of it as a whole, but the program was relentless. Filming took place from 7:30 am to 1 am on one occasion, but usually ended around midnight.

“Because the day of filming is so long, it is very tiring and can be quite stressful as you always have cameras on you. However, you can stay in three other places, as well as some lovely places we have stayed. while traveling.

“You spend the night in a place the day before your arrival at each competitor’s place.

“We met some really nice people on the show and the band got along pretty well overall.

“There were some that we didn’t get along with very well, and others that we are still in contact with, but it’s the same in all areas,” added Tricia.

Tricia, who has been vacationing in Llandudno since she was around five, describes the family B&B as a “dream come true”.

The construction is a Victorian townhouse, next to the sea.

“My mother was evacuated to Penmaenmawr during the war and therefore continued to take us on holiday to the North Wales coast for many years,” said Tricia.

“We have only been here at St Hilary since May 2018.

“It’s a shame the weather was so bad at the time of filming. Indeed, the entire two weeks of filming was pretty badly affected by the weather.

“As we’ve only been here for a short time, it was a great opportunity to promote the company, which was the main reason for participating in the program.

“I think we have done a good job, showing our B&B and ourselves in the best light.

“We have had very positive feedback from some of our loyal customers as well as new potential customers. Some people called just to let us know they thought we had done the right thing.

“We initially thought that the lockdown would negatively impact the bookings received as a result, but the upside is that there are more people at home watching the program, so bookings can follow.”

The B&B offers free cancellations to anyone who booked during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Tricia said: “We are also giving away a free bottle of wine to anyone booking for later dates when things get back to normal, if they let us know when making their reservation that they have seen us on the schedule.”

Tricia’s daughter, Jess, is visually impaired, but she says it doesn’t hold her back.

In the episode, she explains that working at the B&B had a “very positive” impact on her life and helped her gain self-confidence.

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