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Southport’s best guesthouse set to star in Channel 4’s Four in a Bed next week

One of the best guesthouses in the Northwest will star in Channel 4’s hit series Four in a Bed this month.

The Stamford in Southport, particularly popular among golf enthusiasts, was recently a finalist in the B&B / Guest House Of The Year category at the Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards.

Owners Sarah and Ricky Blaney will find out if they finished above par again as they face off against three other venues over five nights starting March 22.

The Stamford, on Bath Street, welcomes families from all over the world. Located on England’s ‘Golf Coast’, it is well placed for people who like to play a few rounds on some of Britain’s finest courses. The guesthouse even has a dedicated golf room, where guests can charge their strollers and store their clubs.

Sarah and Ricky hope to score a hole in one shot and leave the other three contestants in the bunker when the series airs.

Sarah said: “We just heard that our episodes air in the week starting March 22.

“We thought it would be a great way to carry the Southport flag and show what we have to offer at The Stamford, so we said ‘yes, let’s do it’. Hopefully the program shows our beautiful city really well.

“Appearing on Four in a Bed was a really fun experience, we enjoyed it.

“Off camera, it was a good laugh. It was great to be with the filming and production crew, but most importantly, we got along really well with the people in the other three locations featured. We are in constant contact and we appreciate their friendship.

“On camera, it’s pretty intense. We were shooting long hours and obviously none of us are used to this type of activity.

Four in a Bed is a popular Channel 4 TV series that sees B&B owners take turns staying with each other as they compete to be crowned Best Hosts. The show involves B&B owners taking turns staying with each other and paying what they consider fair for their stay after providing feedback. The winner is the establishment named best value for money.

The Stamford Guest House in Southport

The show’s competing venues alongside The Stamford were all very different.

Sarah said: ‘There was a glamping site in Derbyshire and two traditional Yorkshire pubs with rooms above, while we are a self-check-in guesthouse in Southport which does not serve as a breakfast. breakfast. We all have different strengths. “

The production team picked a good time to visit The Stamford for the shoot.

Southport – of course – is always sunny, but when TV cameras rolled in in September, it was especially hot under deep blue skies.

Sarah said: “The sun was shining and Southport looked really good when they filmed!

“The Stamford is famous for welcoming golfers and Southport is iconic for being in the heart of the ‘Golf Coast of England’, which boasts 12 of the UK’s top golf courses.

“We were originally going to film on the crazy King’s Gardens golf course, but the Elvis impersonator singing in a nearby cafe kept singing as we filmed! So we went to Southport Footgolf next to Southport Pier instead. They were brilliant with us.

When the show airs this month, the UK’s eyes will be on Sunny Southport – and Sarah is feeling very anxious.

She revealed: “The audience figures for Four in a Bed are huge! Their social media pages have thousands of fans.

“When we were filming, people who saw the cameras kept asking me what they were for. When I told them they all said “Four in a Bed is my favorite show”

“I absolutely dread seeing the final edited version! I don’t know if I will be able to watch it. I hate attention in any way, being on TV is like my worst nightmare.

“I could ask a friend to watch it for me, he can tell me what’s going on…”

Four in a Bed, featuring The Stamford guesthouse in Southport, will air on Channel 4 for five evenings starting March 22, 2021, starting at 5 p.m. ET.

For more details on The Stamford, on Bath Street in Southport town center, please email: [email protected] or call: 01704627061 or visit:

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