Shabby Fresno motels along Highway 99 have turned into housing units for homeless families


FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – Some families in Fresno facing homelessness due to the pandemic have been able to move into newly renovated homes.

People can no longer rent rooms along Motel Drive by the hour.

The City of Fresno purchased four run-down motels along Highway 99 to help families and those facing a housing crisis.

The motels used had long been a part of the city’s seedy past.

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer said, “We have transformed this area from an epicenter of drug and sex trafficking to a place where our most vulnerable population can now say they are at home.

The change in the updated rooms has been spectacular.

Families who felt they had nowhere to turn were able to make a fresh start.

Fresno City Council Member Miguel Arias said, “It’s not just about renovating motels, these motels are full service for those who come and live here. Mental health, addiction treatment, three meals a day. “

Arias has estimated that more than 2,000 more people in Fresno will become homeless following the lifting of a moratorium on evictions.

The city was looking to buy a fifth motel and convert it as well.

Fresno Housing Authority CEO Preston Prince said: “The goal over the next five years is to turn this into permanent housing and this transformation means there will be mixed income. We will have new constructions.

In addition to Motel Drive, motels along Parkway Drive have also been identified for future renovation projects.

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