Sex trafficking victim settles lawsuit with New York hotels

Douglas Confidential & London client settles lawsuit with New York City Hotel Group which alleged he turned a blind eye to sex trafficking in favor of repeat business

NEW YORK, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lawyers for Douglas & London are at the forefront of the fight against companies that turn a blind eye to cases of sex trafficking. Hotels and other businesses benefit from the repeat business of human sex traffickers and will either help facilitate access for sex traffickers or neglect security measures that would help victims. These alleged events took place in the boroughs of manhattan and queens in New York City.

Human sex trafficking is an epidemic in America happening in plain sight. Globally, it is estimated that human trafficking generates profits of approximately $150 billion – about two-thirds of which come from sexual exploitation. Hotels, motels and truck stops are popular locations for commercial sex trafficking operations due to their easy access, lack of security, willingness to accept money and lack of intervention.

Douglas & London is at the forefront of fighting those who profit from human trafficking by perpetuating the problem at the expense of victims of sex trafficking. As part of the settlement agreement, the hotels, victim and settlement amount are confidential, but the cases and victims remain in New York City and everywhere United States. The client was represented by Randolph Janis and Virginie E. Anello.

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