Seaside Heights Acts to Close Three Motels and Six Rental Properties – Lavallette-Seaside Shorebeat

Skyview Manor Motel, Seaside Heights. (Photo: Priceline)

Seaside Heights officials have filed revocation complaints against nine landlords – including three motels – who are accused of violating a local ordinance to prevent excessive police calls and violations in rental housing.

“Thanks to the continued laser work of the Police Department and the Code Enforcement Division, the first nine business license revocation complaints have been filed and I anticipate that at least six more complaints will be filed within the next two. weeks, “Mayor Anthony Vaz said. .

The complaints were lodged against:

  • 234 Lincoln Avenue
  • 45 Dupont Avenue (Skyview Manor Motel)
  • 216 Sherman Avenue
  • 223 Hamilton Avenue
  • 108 Boulevard (Motel Offshore)
  • 1402 Boulevard (Hammock Inn)
  • 301 Sumner Avenue – Units 1, 3 and 12

The borough has budgeted and devoted legal resources to the administrative prosecution of complaints, followed by what will likely be litigation before the Superior Court.

“There are many owner-investors who only care about making money at the expense of the quality of life in our community,” said Vaz. “They have no standards for the operation of their rental housing and continue to ignore the serious consequences of their actions. They can pay their property taxes, but that does not give them the right to be slum lords or to act irresponsibly.

“A Seaside Heights business license is a privilege, not a right,” said the mayor.

Complete copies of each complaint have been made available by the borough on its website. The motels are accused of having been the scene of hundreds of incidents over the past year, including drug overdoses, thefts, unrest and other incidents that have necessitated the execution of warrants.

The Skyview Motel complaint, for example, chronicles 272 narcotic service calls that resulted in 22 arrests and three reported deaths. Charges against the offenders at the motel included aggravated assault of a police officer, assault with a knife, possession of weapons and drug offenses.

At the Offshore Motel, there were 153 police calls and arrests for homicide, multiple assault, criminal detention and drug crimes. The Hammock Inn property is accused of being the site of “dozens” of calls similar to those of other motels. Most of the offenses allegedly committed in the residences were related to excessive noise, overcrowding and large gatherings held at night.

Complaints are the latest tool Seaside Heights officials have embraced in their efforts to turn the borough into a family-friendly resort and get rid of the party image from media appearances, including MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” .

“There are so many positive things going on in Seaside Heights right now,” said Vaz. “Dozens of new houses have been built and more houses are being renovated. Construction of the Carousel Pavilion is complete and we will soon begin the next phases of the restoration of the Carousel and the development of the Local History Museum. The boardwalk and beaches have been busy this summer, and I’ve heard businesses are having one of their best summer seasons despite the challenges created by the pandemic. Indeed, the future is bright, but we cannot allow owner-investors to walk at their own pace.

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