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Hundreds of hotels and motels from Darwin to Hobart are expected to save on their electricity bills as part of a $ 10.2 million federal government subsidy program. Energy Minister Angus Taylor announced that 443 facilities have been given the green light for grants of up to $ 25,000. “This will help lower their energy bills by switching to more energy efficient air conditioning, refrigeration and equipment, improving the building with double glazing and insulation, performing energy audits or installing equipment. of energy monitoring, “he said on Friday. It is also expected to create a business boom for local electricians, carpenters, engineers and plumbers. “These grants will help finance projects that will achieve real and lasting energy savings that will reduce operating costs and have a positive effect on jobs and small businesses in the future,” he said. declared. Over 85% of the grants went to hotels located in regions or remote areas of Australia. Serviced hotels, motels and apartments with up to 99 rooms were eligible for grants under the program. Stephen Ferguson, national CEO of the Australian Hotels Association, said the grants would help struggling businesses trying to recover from the worst 15 months the industry has ever seen. “Energy costs are one of the biggest day-to-day expenses for many hotels and bills keep rolling in even when a hotel is closed during a lockdown,” he said. “So anything that can be done to reduce electricity costs is welcome. The head of the Energy Efficiency Council, Luke Menzel, said it would also reduce pressure on the power grid and reduce emissions. Associated Australian Press



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