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Red Bull Guest House returns to give F1 parties a modern twist

Red Bull Guest House has already taken over hotels in Miami, usually for Miami Music Week

Red Bull Guest House has already taken over hotels in Miami, usually for Miami Music Week
Photo: Red Bull

When you think “Formula 1”, chances are that in addition to racing, you also think of two things: glamor and parties. And that’s exactly the vibe Red Bull aims to bring back with its latest Guest House installation during the Miami Grand Prix weekend.

To put it simply, Red Bull’s Guest Houses is the name the company gives to its off-track parties, which are massive events that usually involve taking over a hotel. In Miami, that hotel will be the Faena, a five-star luxury beachfront hotel that combines art deco decor with a modern, streamlined feel.

Red Bull chose the Faena for a reason; the goal of this guesthouse is to blend the vibe of F1’s legendary party scene of the 1960s and 1970s with the modern flair that makes Miami so special. That means three full days of indulgence, activations and live DJs so you can dance the night away. And yes, there will be plenty of racing exhibits and art installations to keep your heart happy.

The live music lineup also looks incredibly stacked:

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Picture: Red Bull

Friday night is all about celebrating Miami’s Latin culture, hosted by Tigre Soundswhile Saturday draws inspiration from electronic music’s longstanding ties to the automotive industry through Technical assistance (we see you, Kraftwerk). Sunday evening changes to a full disco theme, thanks to Insomniac + Club Spacebringing everyone back in time.

There’s only one catch, of course: Red Bull’s Guest House is invite-only, meaning the casual racing fan can’t just walk in and see what’s going on. According to Red Bull, the event will feature a stacked guest list of hand-picked industry leaders, top performers, athletes and unique culture shapers.

That being said, Red Bull have also decided that I qualify as a very important person and have decided to give me access to the Guest House during the Miami Grand Prix weekend, where I will also be covering the F1 race. Think of me as your F1 insider – what do you want to know about the exclusive VIP-only parties happening over race weekend? I’m here to tell you.

I am, honestly, quite happy, as I think most of you would be too. My journey in F1 has been one hell of a ride. I’ve seen the lows: being buried under luggage and smuggled into the Red Bull Ring campsite because we only paid three people to show up for the race, then brought a fourth, who we then wrapped up in a tent that would better serve a single human. Now I’m ready to experience heights.