Pubs, hotels invited to display signs warning against trafficking, drug consumption

The Excise Department has ordered hotels, clubs and restaurants to put up notice boards warning against the consumption of narcotics and mind-altering substances, according to an official circular. The circular, published on June 6, indicates that the establishment will face measures if the display is not found during the inspection.

“All UNHCR license holders (hotel, club, restaurant) are ordered to fix the display board for awareness regarding “the consumption and trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are prohibited by law and punishable by law”. ‘imprisonment and a rigorous fine,’ the circular read.

He said license holders are required to put up notice boards in two prominent places and submit the compliance report and supporting documents to the HCR branch of the excise department within 10 days of the receipt of the order.

“Failure to comply with the said circular will be taken seriously. In any event, if the above notice board is not found repaired by the Department’s inspection team, necessary action will be taken against the offending UNHCR operator, according to the rules,” It said.

The number of hotels, clubs, restaurants and other premises serving alcoholic beverages on-site in the city has increased by 10% since last year when the new excise policy came into effect.

According to data from the Excise Department, the total number of premises in the HCR category until May 6 was 964, which included 162 hotels, 698 restaurants and 48 clubs, in addition to some banquet and party rooms, as well as motels and farms licensed to serve Indians and foreigners. alcohol.

The Delhi government’s latest excise policy was implemented in November last year with the opening of private liquor dispensers across the city.

Last year, the Excise Department urged hotels, clubs, motels, bars and restaurants to offer alcoholic beverages on their premises under the new excise policy. PTI SLB SLB VN VN