PTDC Motels closed in Swat since 2019 Adnan Bacha

Four PTDC hotels in Swat have been closed in the past two years due to which the annual income of millions of rupees has stopped and more than 40 employees have been deprived of their salaries. The writ was also filed in the Supreme Court according to the Golden Handshake.

The PTDC hotels in Swat, a tourist haven, were handed over to the Provincial Tourism Corporation after the 18th Amendment, after which employees demanded three base salaries and were paid according to golden handshakes and, in March 2019, the four hotels were closed. The 23-room motel in Saidu Sharif district of Swat, the 52-room motel in Kalam, the 25-room motel in Usho and the 21-room motel in Myandam have been closed for two years, causing the loss of millions of people . rupees.

The salaries of 40 employees working in these motels were also cut and they also filed a lawsuit in the Islamabad High Court for a golden handshake. Niaz Khan who is active in promoting tourism in Swat says that the closure of PTDC motels is hurting the public treasury and on the other hand tourism in Swat is also affected.

“Motels should be restored as soon as possible so that tourists can get the best accommodation.” He added.