Province sets aside more money to help hotels, motels and hostels with pandemic effects

The Government of Nova Scotia is providing more funding to help run down hotels, motels and inns attempt to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

The province announced a $ 7.3 million program on Friday to offer operators a 50% rebate on payment for the first six months of their 2021-2022 commercial property tax.

Finance Minister Labi Kousoulis said the announcement reflected the current “significant” drop in business people in the industry are facing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict business travel and social.

“The expenses are still there,” he said in an interview. “Because they are operating at a very reduced capacity, they still have a large chunk of their staff on hand, but they just don’t have the income to come.”

The remission “will help us survive”

Although some people are staying in hotels, Kousoulis said this was offset by price cuts in an attempt to attract more business.

“They take a big hit,” he said.

In a statement, Jeff Ransome, general manager of the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront, welcomed the news.

“The rebate program announced today will help us survive. It is so important to our industry.

Friday’s announcement follows an earlier program that provided for a 25% discount on the payment of 2020-2021 commercial property taxes. According to the province, 252 applicants received a total of $ 6.7 million from this program.

More help could come

Those who qualify for the first round of funding are automatically eligible for the sound round. And as in the previous case, this money can be allocated to any aspect of a trader’s business.

Kousoulis said the government received good feedback from the first round, in part because of the fluidity of the application process and the speed with which the money was spent. It made sense then, he said, to use a similar approach, and he said the government would continue to be there for operators if necessary.

“If we don’t see the rebound we expect this summer, I’m more than happy to help them again with cash flow.”


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