Progress Made in Restoring Neon Signs at Historic Las Vegas Hotels

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A row of neon signs in downtown Las Vegas hotels have been painstakingly restored to shine brightly along Fremont Street, three years after the Historic Signs Revitalization Project was launched.

Lucky Motel, Traveler’s Motel, Starview Motel, Fremont Motel, Las Vegas Motel and Gables Motel are six properties that have been completed.

In 2019, the City of Las Vegas launched Project Enchilada, a development plan to revamp downtown Las Vegas and restore historic buildings to their former glory. Owners and city officials are partnering with careful restoration of decades-old signs.

“We don’t want to lose that history… walking down those streets and walking under those signs and looking at those signs, taking pictures in front of those signs, and being able to really connect with our history through that neon heritage,” said Dr. Diane Siebrandt, Historic Preservation Officer.

The panels are carefully repaired by local restoration companies.

They are old, they are broken. Some of the signs are 50 or more years old, they have not been maintained. It is therefore a question of first cleaning them, then restoring them. And that’s really the biggest challenge,” she said.

“Reds and yellows, blues, greens – it’s ingrained in people’s psyches that neon equals Las Vegas,” Dr. Siebrandt said.

The next phase of neon restoration has already begun and signs along Las Vegas Boulevard are currently being restored before they can make their public debut.