Osmania University Students Brave Harsh Conditions in Hostels – The New Indian Express

Express press service

HYDERABAD: Sleepless nights, unsanitary conditions and unpalatable food are the thorns in the flesh of Osmania University (OU) students, who face countless problems while living on campus. From a leak in the ceiling, to bugs in the mess food, to lack of clean water and unsanitary restrooms, the students brave it all. The situation is more or less the same in the 27 hostels on campus, only one of which has recently been renovated.

The fear of the building collapsing is what terrifies the students living at the Krishnaveni Boys Hostel. A sanitation worker was injured in March this year in a similar incident. In addition, the bathrooms and toilets being in poor condition, the students have to resort to swimming in the open air.

However, many students also say that people, who are not students, also live for free in hostels. “After waiting four months for accommodation in the hostel, I asked the director of the law school. He asked me to beg these non-boarders (to find him a room to stay),” said a student living at Gautama Hostel, also known as E-1.

When the matter was brought to management’s attention, Dr Ravinder, the OU’s vice-chancellor, said that many efforts were being made to prevent foreigners from staying in hostels. However, they get a hostel room thanks to the help of bona fide students, he added.

Limited resources

“Unlike the boys’ mess, food is limited for us. If it’s over before one of us reaches the mess, they don’t cook anymore. A girl living in the new building who complained about the problem was threatened with having her mess card canceled by the authorities,” said one student.

Lack of faculty and irregular classes are the most common problem faced by students in all departments. “Most of the teachers here work under contract. They never take the lessons seriously. If there are five classes in the schedule, only two of them will take place,” said an MSC (Geology) student.

“Soon we will build more hostels. We received more funds than last year. Many facilities will be made available including the Civil Service Academy and the Placement Cell,” the VC said.