OpenKey Announces Integration with Acculock to Bring Digital Key Technology to Hotels Across North America

Dallas, TX – OpenKey, the industry standard for universal digital key in hotels, today announced an exciting new partnership with Acculock, one of North America’s leading hotel lock providers. Through this partnership, Acculock and OpenKey are bringing enhanced access to Digital Key technology to hotels across North America.

OpenKey’s partnership with Acculock’s industry-leading RFID and BLE door locks makes OpenKey the most universal digital key provider in the industry, now partnering with six leading lock vendors. This new partnership gives Acculock the ability to offer its locks with OpenKey’s digital key and check-in experience.

As part of this partnership, Acculock will also provide warranty support, offering its expertise and world-class coverage to all existing OpenKey lock customers. “We couldn’t be happier to partner with Acculock. This partnership supports and enhances our ability to provide next-generation contactless entry to hotels worldwide,OpenKey CEO Ron Owens remarked, “With digital key capabilities built into Acculock’s products, more hotels will have access to the future of contactless services. Additionally, Acculock has the experience and resources to provide excellent warranty support to our existing lock customers. This strategic decision allows OpenKey to focus exclusively on improving our software product and the continued growth of our SaaS business.

“From the beginning, Acculock has been committed to providing world-class support to our customers and the very latest in hotel door locking technology”, Acculock CEO Rick Segerstrom said: “Partnering with OpenKey is a natural fit, allowing us to offer more options to our customers and their guests.

Using the power of Digital Key technology, Acculock has removed the barriers and provided hotels with a seamless way to move away from traditional key cards. With this integration, OpenKey is excited to extend digital key services to more hotels than ever before. By working together, the two companies are paving the way for hotels to deliver exceptional service and convenience to today’s travelers.

About Acculock

Acculock was founded in 1991 as a service center for the electronic lock industry. Acculock is known for its excellent customer service and quick turnaround times. Today, more than 16,000 hotels, motels, schools, retirement homes and commercial facilities use our services. Acculock repairs most major brands of hotel door locks and is proud to sell Acculock’s newest RFID locks as well.

About Openkey

In 2014, OpenKey set out to perfect mobile access. Since then, the OpenKey team has helped hotels and resorts around the world develop a guest experience they can enjoy as much as their guests. We work with existing platforms to usher your property into an exciting new era of guest engagement. Our dedicated staff ensures a seamless transition to keyless entry, remote check-in, hotel-specific apps and more, all tailored to your property and your guests. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. For more information, please visit