Old Post Inn in Mount Pleasant, SC makes Fodor’s best hotels


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The Post House Inn in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has been named one of America’s Best Hotels by Fodor’s Travel Guide.


A Mount Pleasant Inn has been named one of America’s Best Hotels by Fodor’s Travel.

Post House Inn in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant has been praised for having ‘tasteful nods to the past, like archival wallpaper and antique accents dressing the newly modernized second and third story accommodations, always dressed in classic Charleston chic ”.

The owners are Kate and Ben Towill, who moved to Charleston from New York in 2013. They also own Basic Projects, a Charleston-based design and hospitality group, and Basic Kitchen in downtown Charleston.

In a video on their Facebook page, they said the Post House was reminiscent of an English pub with upstairs bedrooms. Ben Towill is originally from England and owned several restaurants in New York City before moving to Charleston.

Kate Towill is a former film decorator.

She pointed to a table in the corner of the pub which she calls the money table, like a hidden mafia table where everyone can see the door.

Fodor’s picks weren’t what you would call the standard fare for best-of lists. Most are little known and eclectic.

Fodor, who publishes a wide array of travel literature, said many of America’s best hotels just took the good thing and made it better.

Think of haunted houses turned into boutique hotels, basic motels converted into luxury lodges, and camping tents with canvas roofs and stone walls and both fitted with amenities such as air conditioning and heating. ground. America loves an upgrade.

This is what the Towills did with the Post.

At the corner of Pitt and Venning streets, Post House was built in the late 1800s and converted into an inn in the 1970s. The Towills bought it in 2019 and renovated it.

Fodor’s said, “Serving seasonal American fare with a focus on local ingredients, as well as prepared meals such as the backbar cheeseburger, it’s popular with Charleston residents who have no shortage of interesting restaurants.”

Fodor’s also winked at Old Village Mount Pleasant’s claim to cinematic stardom. The village served as the fictional Seabrook in “The Notebook”.

The other hotels on the list are Akwaaba Mansion in Brooklyn, New York; Bradford House in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Bottleworks Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana; Camp Sarika by Amangiri in Kane County, Utah; The Chesterfield in Palm Beach, Florida; Dive in Palm Springs in Palm Springs, California; Finca Victoria in Vieques, Puerto Rico; Michigan Fields in South Haven, Michigan; Hotel Peter & Paul in New Orleans, Louisiana; Saint Cecilia Hotel in Austin, Texas; The Ivy Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland; Pendry Chicago in Chicago, Illinois; The Roxy Hotel in New York; The Russell Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee; Santa Monica proper in Santa Monica, California; The Siren Hotel in Detroit, Michigan; The Surfsand Resort in Cannon Beach, Oregon; Tourists in North Adams, Massachusetts; and Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskills, New York.

This story was originally published 2 November 2021 9:29 a.m.

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