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Noida: Company Owning Sector 51 Guest House Has ‘Connection’ to MP, Says She Was Unaware of Illegal Activity | News from Noida

NOIDA: The Sector 51 guesthouse, where 18 people, including eight managers, were arrested earlier this week for their alleged involvement in a sex racket, is owned by a company with links to a controversial BJP MP from Kanpur Dehat area, YOU learned.
The three-story building (B-52) is owned by AVP Buildtech Private Limited, a construction and engineering firm that leased the property to the eight managers under an agreement. One of the directors of the company is the father of Vinod Kumar Katiyar, the deputy of the Bhognipur assembly constituency of Kanpur Dehat. Until a few years ago, the member himself was a director of the company.
ACP-3 (Noida) Shyamjeet Singh told TOI that the building was registered in the name of AVP Buildtech. “The company had transferred the rental property to the accused. Ramesh, one of the managers, and others were running the sex racket from here. We contacted the MLA but they denied having any connection with the accused and said they were not aware of the activities taking place there. A probe is running. When contacted, the MP said the company had simply rented the property out to tenants and was unaware of the activities. “The property was rented about three months ago. The company wouldn’t know what these people were doing inside. Some people did something wrong and were imprisoned. In addition, I resigned from the company four years ago. Earlier in 2019, the Economic Crimes Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police Department filed an FIR against five directors of the company as well as the MLA for allegedly duping investors in the company’s real estate project. TOI reported in January 2019 that the company was accused of setting up advertisements for the “AVP Orchard” housing project on a field track in Noida. “Induced by the ads, several investors approached the company at its head office in Delhi. Then, Katiyar and his co-director Sanjeev Abrol presented themselves as authorized representatives of the company with the others and presented a rosy image during the negotiations, ”according to the FIR filed by the EOW. The accused also promised to complete the project by May 2014, the plaintiffs said. Buyers were asked to pay different amounts on account. In 2014, they had paid 95%, however, when checking out, it was found that only half of the project was completed.

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