New guest house plan for empty Wolverhampton city center offices


Plans to convert an empty Georgian office building in Wolverhampton city center into a guesthouse have been given the green light by town planners.

Former Accountants on Bond Street, next to the Cosmo Bonsor pub, are specifically intended for use by short-term residents.

Plaintiff Jaswant Singh, of Greytona Ltd, a Wolverhampton-based management and business consultant, said the new guesthouse will only accept bookings from online search engines such as, Airbnb, Expedia and

Proposed plans for the layout of the guesthouse at Bond Street.

In a management plan to city council, he said: “Housing will not be a long-term permanent personal residence.

“It will be managed by the owner’s internal management team who has over 30 years of experience in property management, including hotels / guesthouses.

“Unauthorized parties or gatherings of large groups will not be permitted. We already prohibit them under our house rules. The on-site manager, who will occupy one of the studios, will also recognize any breach of the rules.

“If a guest doesn’t have a review and tries to book the entire guesthouse, they won’t be able to do so. A guest with positive reviews, however, will be able to book the accommodation, but with limitations on the number of guests in an apartment.

“We will ensure that guests are only allowed to book a maximum of two apartments in their name,” added Mr. Singh, who will also act as senior facilities manager.

The three-story building, unoccupied for about 18 months, will include a total of eight suites.

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Mr Singh said guests would be limited to professionals, with a maximum of two people in each of the one-bedroom apartments and one person in each studio. No homeless will be admitted.

All rooms will have broadband access and offsite staff will provide daily cleaning and laundry services.

Before opening, the building will be treated clinically to eradicate any risk of contamination by Covid-19.

No exterior modification will take place with the exception of the removal of a rear emergency staircase. A number of other buildings on the cobbled street have also been converted into residential housing in recent years.

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