Letter: Say no to mini-motels | Letters

It all comes down to profits – their profits, our sacrifice. Neighbors close to STVRs sacrifice sleep, peace, security, time and energy. STVR owners and management companies say ‘we let poor people see visits who could never afford to do it without us’

You don’t let them stay for free. Before giving these national accommodation chains, STVR mini-motel development efforts another giant loophole and very special treatment, we may still be developing bayfront properties as bed and breakfasts for more. extended stays of fine hotels with kitchens, motels with kitchens, even cabins with kitchens or condo buildings that would have allowed those who cannot afford to live here full time to enjoy the privilege of vacations for many decades and save zoned residential housing for families.

Privilege. Few or no settings. Little to no limits imposed, appears to be our STVR mini-motels in family-friendly residential areas zoned by city standards. It seems that our city places very little value on the quality of life destroyed by the commercial impacts of mini-motels in a zoned residential area. Our city does not seem willing to support the commitment and year round full time housing needs around the workers, families and employers who make this community a retail, medical, educational and wholesale distribution center for 80,000 people in three counties in Oregon.

They call us, the permanent year around residents, the problem. On January 18, Coos Bay City Council will be considering an STVR and Home Stays ordinance that will be the guidelines for the development of national chains of Mini Motel accommodation in zoned residential housing in our city.

You should advise the city that STVR mini-motels are NOT ACCEPTABLE in zoned family and residential neighborhoods, and that the development of mini-motels and host families really needs more evaluation in all zoned areas. from the city. You really don’t want to carry the burden of one of those unmanned remotely managed mini motels right next to you or your family. Housing for families and our workforce in zoned residential neighborhoods, however you want to measure it, is far more valuable than seasonally vacant STVR Mini Motel rooms.