Kano Islamic Police arrested us at our hostels, tested us for HIV and pregnancy – Bayero University student recounts her ordeal with Hisbah

A postgraduate student from Bayero Kano University recounted her meeting with officials from the Islamic police, Hisbah’s body.

The lady told SaharaReporters that Hisbah officials broke into her hostel a few months ago while she was cooking and arrested her because she was accompanied by a man.

She said she was taken to a building alongside the male guest where she saw 30 other students from the institution and others who were not students.

According to her, they were held for about a day or two during which Hisbah officials performed HIV and pregnancy tests on them.

She alleged that the police forcefully gave abortion pills to one of them who tested positive for pregnancy.

She said the victim cried bitterly.

She further alleged that police officers requested sex in exchange for their release while others were released on bail ranging from N15,000 to N20,000.

She said, “I met Hisbah about two months ago. I am currently a master’s student at BUK. Hisbah officers broke into my room, they met me with a male guest. I was cooking, they knocked and I opened the door. They arrested us both and took us to one of their buildings, held us hostage for a day.

“They took our phones from us. We met other people there, many more. About 30 or more BUK students while others were non-students. They had also arrested prostitutes. We were all held in the same building. While we were there some funny things happened.

“Hisbah officials performed HIV and pregnancy tests on everyone there. Those who tested positive for HIV were taken to hospital and a person’s pregnancy test was positive.

“We gave her medicine to abort the pregnancy without her consent, it happened in the same building where they took us hostage. When we confronted the woman who gave the abortion pills because she claimed to be a health worker, the woman said she was doing it because the girls were prostitutes.

“The girl cried so hard. She cried from the pain of the forced abortion and the loss of her child. I saw her washed with blood. They gave him 500 N to buy food.

“While we were also there, the boys from Hisbah asked the girls to have sex with them, saying they would release them. Some of the ladies slept with them in the building and then let them go.

“One of the boys physically assaulted me. He didn’t rape me because it was outdoors. But it was touching sensitive parts of my body. I could only clap his hand.

“I boldly told them that I didn’t know men couldn’t visit me. I have men in my classroom, in my church, in my house. Most of the occupants of my house are men. Why will they take me?

“They demanded ‘a ransom’ (bail money) from everyone there. I didn’t pay because my uncle came and took me home. I didn’t pay a dime but others paid between N15,000 and N20,000. I thought our school would come for us.

“Some Igbo women there told me that they had just stayed in a hotel, two sisters, they came to the market to buy food and stayed in the hotel. Hisbah’s body forced their way into their hotel room and took them both. Actually just two women, no man but Hisbah was like, why should they stay in a hotel, that they’re prostitutes. They said after all, what are hotels for.

“They took people from the streets, hotels and homes. “

Hisbah officials also raided some off-campus hostels in Danbare, a small community just across the university gate in March.

It was learned that the Islamic police broke into the rooms of the students and took them to their office.

Despite Nigerians’ condemnation, the Hisbah group continued its efforts for an Islamic agenda in the north.

The agency set up to enforce Sharia law in some states in the region recently banned stylish haircuts, sagging pants, playing music at social events by disc jockeys and tricycle riders. ‘adorn their vehicles with images considered obscene and against the supporters of Islam. .

This was in addition to other unusual directives issued by the Islamic police.

Hisbah recently made headlines for shaving the stylish haircuts of young men in Kano and arresting people for dressing poorly.

They are also notorious for destroying trucks full of alcoholic beverages.

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