Jersey Shore Town Calls for 3 Motels and 6 Rental Properties to Close Amid Hundreds of Police Calls

Seaside Heights authorities are seeking to close three motels and six rental properties for which police have been called hundreds of times over the past year on complaints of drugs, excessive noise, assaults, thefts, d intrusion and even death.

Borough officials are looking to revoke the licenses for the following nine locations, and at least six more complaints are expected to be filed for other hotels and rentals over the next two weeks:

The six rental buildings are scattered over an area of ​​seven city blocks, including 200 block Hamilton Avenue, 200 block Sherman Avenue, 200 block Lincoln Avenue and three units in a building on block 300 of Sumner Avenue (units 1, 3 and 12).

“I see it as greed,” Mayor Tony Vaz told NJ Advance Media over the phone on Thursday. “I see him as owners who don’t care. Their attitude is “I pay taxes”, which is fine. We all pay taxes. We have an obligation to the people who live here – their lives cannot be disrupted. And you have people who consistently misbehave in one way or another. It cannot continue.

The Skyview Manor on Dupont Avenue was the worst offender, according to Seaside Heights officials. Cops have responded to the motel 272 times and have arrested 22 people since April 1, 2020, according to a complaint. At least 85 of the calls concerned fights, assaults, noise complaints and other disturbances, while 13 of the arrests concerned drug charges.

No one answered the phone at Skyview Manor on Thursday.

At the Offshore Motel on block 100 of the boulevard, police were called 153 times from April 1, 2020 to May 10, 2021, including once for a homicide, according to documents. Cops made 19 arrests, nine of which were the result of trespassing.

“This is a blatant case of racial profiling,” said a man who answered the phone at the Offshore Motel and declined to give his name. “It’s in the hands of the lawyers – they’ll take care of it.”

Police visited the Hammock Inn “dozens” of times between May 23, 2020 and May 21, 2021 for reasons ranging from threats and drug overdoses to trespassing, harassment and disruption.

A man who identified himself as “Alex” said “We are not going to be closed” when contacted by phone Thursday.

Police and code enforcement officials have moved into Hamilton’s 200 block 30 times since June 2020; Sherman’s 200 block five times since May 28, 2020; and Lincoln’s 200 block five times in April and May of this year.

Police officers have been called to the three units of the Sumner 300 block building “dozens” of times for various offenses, according to the documents.

“We have received many complaints time and time again – in the same places,” Vaz said. “I’m not exaggerating – hundreds and hundreds of complaints. We said, ‘you know what’s enough.’ A landlord has responsibilities towards his tenants, towards the community and the quality of life in the community.

Vaz, who has lived in Seaside Heights for over 50 years and became mayor in 2015, said he had no recollection of the borough ever closing a motel or revoking his license. However, several owners had their business licenses temporarily suspended and were fined.

He has not heard from any of the owners since the borough filed the complaints last month. “Not one,” he said.

The mayor pointed out that the borough has struggled to become more family-friendly after its reputation for rowdiness was exacerbated by the MTV show “Jersey Shore” which has been filming for years in Seaside Heights, noting that dozens of news houses have been built and more are under construction. construction.

“We want to change the quality of life for people who live here all year round and for people who move,” said Vaz. “We want them to feel secure on a 12 month basis.”

Hearings are scheduled to determine whether homeowners should lose their licenses or be fined, the mayor said. Any appeal would be heard by the Ocean County Superior Court.

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