Isko warns hotels and motels in Manila: follow quarantine protocols or face shutdown

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso has warned hotels that accept fees for allowing individuals to skip and violate quarantine protocols that they will face dire consequences.

“To all hotels and motels, never violate the IATF [Inter-Agency Task Force] rules. If you violate, even though we want businesses to continue and people to have jobs, but if you are going to endanger the public for a sum or because of connections or because you are elitist, I will not have to ‘no choice but to order your closure,’ said Domago.

Domagoso issued the warning following reports that some hotels are offering quarantine packages for absent to Filipinos returning from overseas (RFO), a fad that was revealed after a balikbayan dubbed ” Poblacion Girl “has gone viral on social media for flouting isolation protocols. The guest went to Poblacion in Makati to party with friends while she is believed to be in quarantine.

“Clear and simple reminder: there are laws in the country for which you can be held criminally responsible,” he said.

“Our situation is difficult. Our mission is to make it more bearable. Let us help each other and be responsible for each other. It’s a little reminder: do your due diligence, ”added Domagoso.

Earlier, Moreno opened Manila’s COVID-19 field hospital in Luneta as a quarantine facility for infected RFOs following the increase in new cases of COVID-19 and confirmed cases of the variant. Omicron among the Balikbayans.

The Manila City Government will bear all expenses until all ROFs meet their quarantine requirements.

Manila’s COVID-19 field hospital, which was originally intended for “mild and asymptomatic patients,” can accommodate up to 344 RFOs.