Hundreds of asylum seekers in Portland in accommodations like motels – NECN

Portland, Maine is trying to accommodate hundreds of asylum seekers.

The situation did not prompt the city to turn places like the Portland Expo into temporary shelters, but it left a number of families waiting in motels for years as they sought permanent accommodation.

The exact number of people currently staying in temporary accommodation like hotels and motels is around 300, according to the Portland Press Herald.

“All of our motels in the Greater Portland area are full, general help desks have no place to place people at the moment,” said Victoria Morales, representative for the Democratic South of Maine State. Portland, who is also the executive director of a group. called Quality Housing Coalition.

The nonprofit brings together landlords, charities and other nonprofits in the Portland area and helps find government housing resources in a bid to tackle the Portland housing crisis and from Maine.

The college of Vermont changed the name of a dormitory because of its namesake, John Mead, promoter of eugenics.

In an interview on Tuesday, Morales explained that strong housing demand in Maine, made worse by the pandemic, has prevented asylum seekers, even those with general assistance clearance or housing vouchers, from finding housing. permanent housing.

“People are in limbo,” she said.

However, despite the daunting task of tackling a housing crisis, Morales believes the problem is “at a crossroads.”

She is optimistic because Maine Governor Janet Mills has considered allocating $ 50 million in federal COVID-19 funding to Maine for housing.

There could also be more federal dollars available for affordable housing if a federal infrastructure spending program is passed by Congress.

More immediately, Morales said, awareness of the housing crisis in Maine prompted landlords to contact her, large and small, claiming they had housing available for people who needed it. .

She also contacts owners to find entities interested in housing families herself.

“What we’re doing about it is supporting these landlords and supporting these tenants with housing mentors and financial guarantees,” she said.

Morales also said she was speaking to several churches struggling with attendance and maintenance about using their facilities to house people in need of housing and said it was possible that the State of Maine has land on which affordable housing could be built, which would significantly reduce the cost of construction.

“The collaboration is growing,” she said.

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