Hotels will cease to live as quarantine facilities


Some will be redeployed to other hotels.

As of November 1, vaccinated Australians, permanent residents and their families returning from overseas to Victoria no longer needed to self-quarantine for two weeks at a designated hotel.

Earlier this year, Age revealed that the hotel quarantine was costing Victorian taxpayers around $ 1.6 million a day, but no money was included in next year’s state budget.

The government cited uncertainty over quarantine arrangements as the reason for the decision, adding that any forecast provided would be “very uncertain”.


The changes came after the Victorian government confirmed on Thursday that it would start cutting vaccination centers in a bid to fill staff shortages at ailing hospitals across the state.

More than 100 nurses have returned to Western Health in the past three weeks, with other health workers deployed to the 74 immunization clinics to follow.

“Greater use of primary care, including community pharmacies, will ease pressure on state sites, which could lead to some reduction – allowing this workforce to support other areas of the system health workers who are under pressure, ”the spokesperson said.

Starting at midnight Thursday, most of Victoria’s remaining COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed, including attendance caps for venues, mask warrants and isolation requirements as the state hits 90 vaccine coverage % for people aged 12 and over.

Some restrictions will remain for events where the immunization status of participants cannot be verified and visitors to the hospital will continue to be restricted.

With Timna Jacks and Michael Fowler

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