Hotels, hostels in Mangaluru for people coming from Dubai


Hotels, hostels adapted for people coming from Dubai

A total of 17 hotels and 12 hostels have been organized to quarantine those arriving from Dubai. The flight carrying 177 passengers will land at Mangalore International Airport on Tuesday evening. Only those from DK will be quarantined in Mangaluru and the rest will be sent back to their respective districts for quarantine.

IAS probation officer Rahul Shinde said officials deployed to the airport would collect all passenger information. Passengers will be classified as A and B. Those with cough, fever and cold will be classified as “A” and they will be quarantined for 14 days at Wenlock Hospital and will be treated for colds and fever. . These asymptomatic passengers will be classified as category “B” and will be quarantined in hotels / hostels. Arrangements have been made to book hotels online at the airport and transport passengers to hotels from the airport, he added.

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