Motels will pay someone $10,000 to visit 10 retro beach motels this summer

Do you remember going to that motel on the beach, then biking barefoot to shore to watch surfers catch a wave, the radio playing Dick Dale songs? Nope? Well, whether you did it or not, here’s your chance to do it now! Indeed, is looking to hire its very first motel to spend the rest of the summer visiting the best retro beach motels.

You and your chosen friend will indulge in deep nostalgia, leaving your cell phones behind to document your travels with a classic Polaroid camera. There will be no music streaming here; you will listen to a solar-powered AM/FM radio. You’ll protect your skin with old-fashioned shiny white zinc sunscreen on your nose, vintage sunglasses and striped umbrellas. You’ll pick your beers from a cooler and slow down to enjoy a simpler time when motels were minimal structures with fewer bells and whistles.

You’ll stay at 10 different motels across the country, from the east coast to the west coast, all with great ocean access. Along with your $10,000 travel allowance, you get $5,000 to spend on those necessary beach treats like sno-cones and saltwater taffy.

Hotels.comThe retro Waikiki Village hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

What motels are included? Here are a few. The Waikiki Village Retro Hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers all the astroturf and palm tree vibes you ever wanted, while Casa Morada in Islamorada, Florida lets you walk the retro boardwalk to at the lagoon.

There are two choices on Long Island: the Sound View Greenport in Greenport, New York, and the eclectically furnished Montauk Beach House in Montauk. The Vagabond Hotel in Miami, Florida is an Art Deco masterpiece of aqua and tangerine styles and mid-century modern furnishings, and we love the adorable rustic single-bedroom cottages lined up at the Lincolnville Motel in Lincolnville, Florida. Maine, some with vintage record players inside.

Other great options on this quest for summers past include Cambria Beach Lodge in Cambria, CA; the Parker Beach Lodge in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts; the Westport LODGE in Westport, Washington; and the Pearl Hotel in San Diego, California.

The exterior door of a beach motel has a small brick courtyard containing an aqua Adirondack chair and a yellow bicycle.
Hotels.comThe Cambria Beach Lodge in Cambria, California

So what qualifies you for this job? A love of vintage architecture and lifestyle, an adoration of the beach vibe, and an appreciation for budget accommodations. No experience necessary, but you must be 21 or older. The online app asks a few simple questions, like “If you time traveled to 1950, who would you spend your beach vacation with?” Apply here from July 20. The deadline is August 5.