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Hotel and guesthouse owners appeal to LG for rental fee review

Srinagar, 01 July: Hotel and guest owners in Srinagar on Friday called on Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha to revise rental charges for accommodation and board, saying the current rates accorded to them had an impact on their livelihoods and property maintenance.

In a released statement, they said that since the early 1990s, hotel owners have been providing lodging, lodging and other facilities to underprotected government employees through the Estates Department, the PHQ, Department of Interior and Division. Office of com, in hotels and bed and breakfasts.

“Instead of encouraging hotel owners, acquirers have still spared nothing for destruction and downfall. Hoteliers have been discriminated against and it continues,” they said in a statement.

They said that hiring fees for accommodation and accommodation were increased in the year 2013 with the commitment and government orders that they will be increased after the expiration of every 2 years , but despite a time span of almost 9 years, no improvements have been made in the same.

According to the statement, they said that since the year 2013, there has been an uninterrupted increase in all kinds of perishable and non-perishable items. There have been many increases since 2013 on all items.

“Wages for hotel staff have increased, the cost of perishable and non-perishable food has increased, the cost of fuel has increased several times, there has been a huge increase in taxes levied on hotel services; bank interest rates have also risen dramatically, hotel owners have to incur huge sums for maintenance, repairs and renovations of their hotels/guesthouses to provide modern facilities for inmates,” reads -on in the release.

According to the hotels, Srinagar guesthouse owners said it is worth mentioning here that given the revival of the tourism industry and the huge influx of tourists to the Kashmir valley, the hotel owners continued to provide their services to the underprotected. government employees although they have every opportunity to earn considerable sums by providing their services to tourists, but their sincerity has not been encouraged or appreciated by the concerned authorities.

The statement says owners of rented hotels/guesthouses are unable to make ends meet with the current rates afforded to them. Hotel owners suffer to support their family members and maintain their hotels/guesthouses; the hotels rented by the departments have been in continuous loss for a long time.

“All requests/representations made before the Estates Department and the Home Department fell on deaf ears, therefore the hotel owners had no choice but to appeal to your good self (His Excellency the UT Lieutenant Governor of J&K) to intervene in the matter and bring justice to the hotel owners and order the improvement of rental fees for lodging and lodging in our favor with retroactive effect,” the statement added.