Hostels vs. Airbnb when traveling solo


When traveling solo, figuring out which type of accommodation is the best can be a challenge – here’s how to choose, depending on your personal preferences.

When traveling solo, what accommodation should you book? Hotel? Hotel? Guest house? Stay at home? Airbnb? Appeal? This is too much for this article to discuss, but we can read about the choice between a hostel and a hotel. The discussion here will focus on solo backpackers or others traveling on a budget. Backpackers will normally choose a hostel or Airbnb as their preferred accommodation.

Much of which is best will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. Sometimes just staying in the accommodation is an experience like Hans Brinker Budget Hostel – the self-proclaimed worst hostel in the world.

Youth hostels

Hostels are great fun and interesting places to stay. They differ all over the world and each has a different vibe. They are often the accommodation of choice for solo backpackers. Often, even backpackers on a decent budget will choose to stay at a hostel. No other accommodation can compete with hostels with their community spirit. When traveling solo, it’s nice to meet other travelers and make new friends.

  • Key advantage: The hostel community is unmatched
  • Cost: Dorms are often the cheapest accommodation

Almost by default, everyone in a hostel is friends. A frequently asked question of solo travelers around the world is “don’t you feel lonely yet?” For those who stay in hostels, the answer is normally no! Other backpackers who stay in hostels are almost by definition to stay in the same hostel and travel much the same way as everyone else. Everyone wants to go out for a beer or see the local sights.

  • Activities: There are always activities and parties in the hostels – or by the people there
  • Travel Tips: Hostels can give travelers great travel tips and advice

Often in hostels, we chat with other travelers and get along very well with them. It often turns out that backpackers take similar routes and therefore travelers travel together for days or weeks, sharing amazing experiences together.

  • Advantage: Find interesting people to travel with and share your experiences
  • Disadvantage: People who snore, alarms and other sleep problems
  • Age: Often hostels are better suited to younger people

The accommodation that hostels normally offer are dormitories, private rooms without private bathroom and private rooms with private bathroom.

  • Accommodation: Dormitories, Private Rooms With / Without Private Bathroom

Note that in Africa, hostels normally take the form of “backpackers”. These are very different from the hostels found in Europe. This is not cheap accommodation for backpackers with cash in other countries. They usually have their own restaurant, bar, often a swimming pool, a range of inexpensive and even resort-type accommodation.

They are often the meeting points for expatriate communities in the African country as well as residents with means. These are accommodations for backpackers and those traveling by land with their vehicles in Africa. The wealthiest and most connected in the city can often be found hanging out in these places.

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Airbnbs are generally much nicer accommodations. You can have a fully furnished apartment or house for yourself. They can often be very affordable. In fact, it can often be cheaper to rent an entire apartment than a simple private room in a hostel. In a youth hostel, you pay more for the atmosphere and the company than for the accommodation.

  • Advantage: Great workspace for digital nomads
  • Appointment: Ideal for those who plan to bring someone back with them
  • Disadvantage: Can feel lonely

Airbnbs are great for those who like their personal space (there isn’t a lot of personal space in a hostel). But you can easily feel alone in an Airbnb. If you don’t have contacts in a new country, it can quickly become boring and lonely.

If you are a digital nomad, then the private space of an Airbnb can also be very beneficial as a quiet workspace.

  • Affordable: They are often more affordable than having a private room in a hostel

Airbnbs are also well suited for those who plan to create their own networks in the city and make new friends. They are also great if one is interested in Tinder dating and the like.

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Try to flatter with expats

If one is looking for accommodation in a city somewhere in the world for an extended period of time. Then, we can also consider renting or boarding. In many cities around the world, there are expatriate communities. There are people from Europe, America and all over the world who live in different cities and rent big apartments.

  • Advice: Consider Flattering – Check Facebook and Other Groups

They in turn sublet a room. It can also be fun for the traveler, he can get the best of both worlds. They enjoy both the familiar company of like-minded travelers and the privacy of their own room without a great deal of intrusion.

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