Hospitality Service Selina opens 3 new hostels in Israel

Selina, the international hotel service founded in Israel, which already has 150 properties in 25 countries, has announced the opening of three new locations in Israel, according to Globes.

The first is the Selina Tel Aviv Beach, a 266-bed hotel at 2 Arie Shenkar Street near the seafront at the Carmelit bus station; the second is Mantur Parod, a 108-bed hostel in Kibbutz Parod in the Galilee region; and the third is Selina Kinneret, a 294-room hostel on the banks of the Kinneret.

Founded in 2012 by Israeli entrepreneurs Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski, Selina combines affordable accommodation, coworking spaces, gastronomy, wellness, volunteering initiatives, entertainment, travel and adventure across its many locations in Latin America, Central America and Europe. In April 2019, the company raised $100 million in a Series C funding round, bringing the company’s total funding to $225 million to date.

“We had a very busy and very productive first quarter, building on the momentum of our strong 2021. During the quarter, we advanced several important initiatives that are fueling growth and driving brand engagement. Our goal is not only to deliver strong financial performance, but also to generate meaningful and lasting value by developing environments, experiences and outcomes that inspire brand ambassadors, friendships, stronger communities and a world better,” said Museri, co-founder and CEO of Selina. Globes. “The success we continue to enjoy on these fronts is a direct result of the time and effort we devote to understanding our clients, our team members and our real estate partners. We are building a business that is very unique and we look forward to capitalizing on the many opportunities we see in the future.