HC closes contempt plea over hostels attached to model school

Telangana High Court Judge K. Lakshman on Monday closed a contempt of court motion seeking action against authorities for failing to enforce the HC’s order to relieve principals of model schools from the obligation to manage the hostels attached to schools.

The judge made the decision after the government’s lawyer told the bench that the government had issued an order removing hostel management duties from the job list of model school principals. As per the order issued five days ago, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) special officers will be in overall charge of the hostels attached to the model schools.

They will take charge of all tasks relating to financial and administrative activities. They would run the hostels with the help of existing staff. Guards working in the KGBV are temporarily renamed guard-cum-guard. They are entrusted with the tasks that were hitherto carried out by the directors of the model schools, the order said.

In 2018, the Telangana Model School Headmasters Association filed a writ requesting the government to relieve them of hostel management duties attached to the schools. Sixty-one model school superintendents from different districts in the state filed the petition stating that 174 of the 194 model schools in the state had hostels built on their school premises.

Since the government did not appoint separate custodians to manage these hotels, the directors of the respective schools were forced to take care of the responsibilities of the hostels. Judge MS Ramachandra Rao, who then heard the plea, ordered the government in 2019 to relieve those responsible for the work within two months.

The Association moved the HC again by filing a contempt suit this year, seeking action against the government for failing to enforce the judge’s order. Appearing before the bench of Judge K. Lakshman, the government attorney presented the order issued by the government relieving the principals of the model schools from the duties of hostel management.