Haryana: Morni’s charming guesthouse is now Gold Star guesthouse


LOVELY GUEST house, a four bedroom structure located on one of the connecting roads to Tikkar Tal in Morni, is now Gold Star Guest House. The building in Banswala village made national headlines for all the wrong reasons when a woman accused 40 people of raping her inside the guesthouse in July 2018.

In the action that followed, at least four police officers were suspended, two were displaced and 11 people, including the victim’s husband, were arrested. The husband was arrested on charges of immoral trafficking, which was later added to the FIR registered at the Chandimandir police station.

At that time, Lovely Guest House was a rented accommodation managed by a Sunny. The property belonged to two men: Karm Chand from the village of Taparia and Roshan Lal from the village of Banswala.

Now it has become Gold Star Guest House offering rooms for rent with breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the owners, Karm Chand, runs a boutique attached to the guesthouse. He says, “We have changed the name from Lovely Guest House to Gold Star Guest House. No one was ready to take up space here. The old name was a stigma to us. Then we changed his name.

In 2018 we gave the rental property to a Sunny. With my partner, I had signed a rental agreement with Sunny, who is still in prison. We were questioned by the police and later given a good kick. People come here but don’t stay here. Zone cops regularly come to check files.

A few days after the gang rape, around 100 small and large guesthouses and roadside hotels in the Morni Hills were temporarily closed. Most of these hotels were not licensed. The hotel owners met with government officials, local politicians and they were allowed to re-operate their hotels after about six months. The district administration had once decided to impose the Sarai Act 1867 on Morni, but the said law was very old.

Panchkula Police ACP Raj Kumar said: “Morni’s gang rape case is pending. There is no provision for permanent seizure of a crime location. I have to check the status of Lovely Guest House on the ground. The deputy commissioner of Panchkula recently issued notices against several hotel owners under the Punjab Village Common Land Regulation Act 1961. Owners will be required to submit a response. I’ll check the status.

A source said: “Criminal charges against the 11 defendants have been laid. The case is pending. The evidence is recorded.

Recently, another Immortal Trafficking Racket believed to have been exploited by a retired Haryana Police Inspector was arrested in Morni. The raid was carried out by a team from ACP Raj Kumar.
In addition to this, the Morni region has witnessed heinous crimes, including murders and incidents of road rage. A local priest, Duli Chand, was murdered outside the shrine by a group of young people who drank alcohol in public in 2014. In November 2017, a man from Pehowa in Kurukshetra was arrested for killing his two nephews and a niece in Morni. Hills. The accused has been identified as Jagdeep Malik.

“Morni’s gang rape tarnished the image of Haryana. It had tarnished the image of the state. The region has enormous potential for making an identity. Besides the gang rape of 2018, there have been countless incidents involving violent crime, hooliganism, which have described this region as a den of crimes, ”said a member of the Shivalik Development Council.

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