Guest house

Guest House is the charming hotel in which I would have liked to live

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I’m the type to spend as little time as possible in my hotel. This is where I brush my teeth and sleep. And sometimes, if there’s a phenomenal lobby bar, where I have a drink. But while in Raleigh, North Carolina, Guest house, a historic house that was recently converted into an eight-room inn, I found myself spending a suspicious time on the property.

First there are the bedrooms, furnished in the clean, minimalist way I would have liked my apartment to be: airy white linens. Stylish white lights. Light wood touches. Modular offices. Small Marshal speakers that need to be plugged in. Then there is the shared kitchen and the backyard, two of the most attractive places. The brick patio, with its view of the downtown area and its many places to sit and relax, is the perfect place to unwind in the afternoon; and the kitchen, with its light and airy ambience and small cafe tables, offers prime seating for breakfast.

The unobstructed view from one of the coffee tables in the kitchen.

Photo of Emily Lyonswood

But what makes it all even more enjoyable is the Inn’s proximity to some of Raleigh’s best food and drink shops. Five minutes to the Bhavana brewery to buy cold beer. A minute later Short stroll wines for bottles of natty and light French red. A brisk walk in the opposite direction puts you at Transfer Co., the home of the excellent Raleigh Bench warmer bagels.

So, yes, I still have to spend a lot of time wandering around the city. It just meant that I planned out exactly the right places I wanted to go each day, so that I could pick out exactly the right loot to bring back to my adopted home.