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Guest house bought by first-time buyers in the United States


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Seasoned business professionals Anthony Lewis and Jonathan Burgoyne have purchased Bloomsbury Guest House in York, with funding secured by commercial finance broker, Christie Finance.

Bloomsbury Guest House has been owned by the previous owners since 2009 and has been operated as a lifestyle business. They decided to sell to retire.

The property includes eight rental rooms with en-suite bathrooms, offering 16 sleeping spaces.

Retired salespeople shut down the business for 35% of the year and only accepted two-night stays.

Lewis and Burgoyne will now open the guesthouse 365 days a year and plan to add two more rooms under the new business name “The Bishop & The Bison Boutique Hotel”.

Originally from Yorkshire, the couple live in the United States and had been looking for a business in Yorkshire for some time, identifying The Bloomsbury as the perfect fit for them.

Lewis has held executive positions with several well-known multinationals, including Apple, Xerox and KPMG, in both financial and tax roles.

Burgoyne started his career working for Hilton Hotels, becoming Sales Director for two of the UK’s largest Hiltons.

In 2014, he became Sales Director of Two Roads Hospitality in California and joined Lewis in Texas in 2018. Burgoyne will be the face of the hotel, working as a hotel manager.

The property will be closed for a month so that landscaping can take place and overall improvements to be made. It will be open to commerce again from November 1, 2020.

Craig Dickson, Director of Christie Finance who worked with Lewis and Burgoyne to help them get the right financing, said: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with my clients to get the financing they need to achieve their dream of. own a hotel in Yorkshire. reality.

“They both have extensive experience working in business, with impressive careers with well-known brands.

“Their commitment to the purchase is unquestionable as they are leaving the United States to fulfill their role as new owners.

“I wish them the best in this new business and I know they have the enthusiasm to move the business forward.”

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