Greensboro Police Initiative to Combat Crime in Hotels and Motels

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – A Greensboro police officer’s initiative is working to reduce crime at the city’s hotels, motels and extended-stay businesses.

Corporal Norman Luper created the Safe Greensboro Innkeepers Alliance as a proactive way to reduce calls in high crime areas.

Officers identify potential changes business owners can make to improve safety in the District 2 patrol area south of downtown Greensboro and suggest solutions.

The alliance was launched over the summer and six companies are currently participating.

“We work with venues to reduce loitering, reduce drinking outside. This has an impact on the outdoor drug markets. It impacts vice activity,” Luper explained Monday. “We have been working on creating a better security system where there is an entry, exit at night.”

Officers have identified some of the major problems with hotels and motels in the area.

“Some of them being armed robberies, violent crimes. Some of them being domestic. Some of them being related to the use of narcotics and drugs,” Luper said.

Instead of cracking down with more patrols, officers investigated the site and made suggestions. Owners implement whatever solutions they can afford.

“The entire program is based on voluntary compliance,” Luper said. “When we made these suggestions, they all agreed. Everyone wants to see the facilities they run be safer and cleaner and a better place for residents.

Luper tracks the success with a graph showing the number of calls to the Greensboro Police Department.

“At our first facility…we saw a reduction from baseline, so we took a facility that had a higher than normal crime rate for those facilities and lowered it to par,” Luper said.

Receiving fewer calls means agents can also focus on other communities and reach you faster in an emergency.

“I think it’s especially important when we have a labor shortage,” he said.

The program is free for the city and will soon be implemented in other neighborhoods.

Luper received the city’s 2021 Employee Innovation Award for his initiative.