GCC to build 2 hostels for women using Nirbhaya fund marked for smart poles


According to an official from Chennai Corporation, the civic body recently canceled the smart pole project implemented under the Nirbhaya Fund to keep women safe in the city. “The smart pole project was about to be implemented at a cost of around Rs. 120 crore. As it has been canceled, the funds will be used for hotels for women, ”the official said.

He added that the sites for new hostels for working women are in the process of being identified. Once the sites are identified, further work, including design and tendering, would begin

A few weeks ago, the civic body canceled the smart pole project and tenders were issued to implement the project citing irregularities in the bidding process.

Once the proposal for active women’s shelters comes into being, it will be the first working women’s shelter managed by the civic body. Currently, the civic organization operates homeless shelters at more than 50 sites.

Asked about the status of around 40 smart poles that are already working, he said smart poles are used by police to monitor traffic violations. Some poles have weather systems and rain gauges, which will continue to operate. “The poles are on the main roads of the city and cameras have been attached to monitor the traffic lights. “

Under the Nirbhaya Fund, the civic body was sanctioned with Rs 425 crore by state and central governments for implementing women’s safety projects. Such projects are implemented with the city police and the transport service.

It may be recalled that the civic body announced a project to build shelters for working women in several locations when there was an elected council under former mayor Saidai Duraisamy a few years ago. However, the project never saw the light of day for internal reasons.

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