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Four in a Bed’s Tigh Na Leigh suspended Trip Advisor reviews as viewers slam owners


The hotel at the center of one of Four in a Bed’s most dramatic episodes had its Trip Advisor reviews suspended after viewers criticized its owners.

Things remain relatively amicable for the most part on the Channel 4 show which sees four groups of B&B owners compete for a coveted plaque, in what looks like the hotel version of Come Dine With Me.

But that all changed last week when Tigh Na Leigh owners Karen and Graham Smith said they would never want to stay at their rivals’ accommodations again and underpaid them all, one by a whopping 60. £, despite awarding good marks.

The couple and their “sneaky tactics” have been criticized by viewers, with some angry Four in a Bed fans calling them “the show’s biggest cheaters.”

An Ashington hotel was caught in all the controversy, with Karen and Graham underpaying the Portland Hotel, Bar & Kitchen on Station Road by £ 45 and leaving waitress Katrin Keech in tears as filming was halted before the plate of the winners cannot be presented.

Management at The Portland, which ended up finishing 3rd on the show, told Chronicle Live over the weekend that bookings have “been pouring in” since he appeared on the show, but as they rolled off the show. In a positive light, Trip Advisor was forced to block people from leaving reviews on Tigh Na Leigh after an avalanche of negative comments.

If you go on the Perthshire Hotel Trip Advisor page, which still has a perfect 5/5 rating, you now get the message: “Due to a recent event that caught the media attention and caused an influx of review submissions that did not describe an experience of first hand, we have temporarily suspended posting new notices for this ad.

“If you’ve had a first hand experience at this property, check back soon – we can’t wait to hear from you!”


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